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April 28, 2009

What’s new on

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We’ve settled into a 2 week release schedule for That’s a good because I tend to stuff more and more features in until the release gets too big.

This is what’s getting released this month:
1. Hover images on the search page. Can you believe eBay charges sellers for enlarged pictures?
2. Sort a seller’s items by watchers on the search page.
3. Product Gallery Banner shows items sorted by watchers.
4. Better logs and an alert system to tell me if something is wrong with the banners.
5. A FAQ page.
6. Better landing page from the watcher counter.
7. Better landing page for search engine traffic.

…and a ton of other little things.

Oh, yeah, I added a cool “tweet this” button because I’m a Twitterhead now.


January 19, 2009

Our new server is sooooo fast

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We moved to a new virtual private server this weekend. Banners are generating in a fraction of the time they took on the old shared server. Check it out!