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May 18, 2009

What’s the difference between Billy Mays and Eben Pagan?

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Billy Mays is likable and entertaining on Pitchman (Discovery Channel Thursday nights). What do they have in common? I suspect they both got rich from their ability to pitch products.

Do not listen to this Eben Pagan self promotion audio clip:

I’ll summarize it for you just in case you are curious: I’m Eben, and I’m so popular and successful because I mastered the art of the hard sell blah, blah, blah,…. and now every one of my customers sends spammy emails to you.

1. Give your most valuable thing away.

2. Use the 4 learning styles to communicate with 100% of audience:

  • Why learning style: If you learn this, you get this payoff, if you don’t, this will happen.
  • What learning style: How does it work, what’s the history, academic style, theory
  • How: Action steps, like 1, 2, 3 steps to help them.
  • What if: Do it right now. Take action. Call to action.

Example: Teach someone about email marketing.
Why: Email marketing is responsible for 90% of money made.
What: history, examples of emails.
How: get, give link.
What if: “key to success is to get started today” “Go to your computer now, or you will never do it.”

Why did I listen in pain to this clip? I got an email recommendation from this “credible” Affiliate Marketer.

“I just wanted to THANK YOU both for what I consider to be the BEST interview and info-call that I have ever heard in the 5 years I have been listening to webinars, tele-conference calls, tele-seminars, etc.”

The above comment was made by someone that just listened to an amazing interview that you need to check out.

* No opt-in is required.

This is quite easily one of the best ‘marketing’
interviews ever…

Tons of killer tips and techniques were shared. From launches to how to ‘giveaway’ stuff that can make you a fortune.

Listen to it now *and* make sure to take notes…

Yours For Online Profits,

John Reese, Inc., 8815 Conroy-Windermere rd #415, Orlando, FL 32835, USA

April 1, 2008

Shoemoney makes $1000 in one night

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Have you made your Shoemoney today? Great video post.

February 11, 2008

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First, I don’t use Black Hat techniques. Now on to the post…

One of my blog posts was linked to in the Black Hat World forum:

The entire forum contains very interesting discussions on Black Hat techniques and scripts.

My blog got about 100 hits from What’s noteworthy is the location of the visitors. A lot of visitors came from Eastern Europe and Asia. When I see Ukraine, Russia, Romania, Pakistan and India, I think “PHP developer”. That’s because when I need to outsource a programming job, that is where I look. I think the off-shore developers PM the forum contributors who need scripts written.


Black Hat World forum info:

  • Threads: 7,232
  • Posts: 55,910
  • Active Members: 3,695

This is a pretty active group. Each member has posted 15 times on average.


“White Hat” SEO techniques, like those found on SEOmoz or Shoemoney, optimize business results while building long term relationships with major advertisers and platforms.

“Black Hat” involves deception. “Black Hat” techniques are usually against the Terms of Use for an affiliate program, PPC program or search engine guidelines. People using Black Hat techniques will be stopped if they get caught. So it’s a short term stategy.

And again, I’m purely into White Hat. I’ve always had a long term outlook. There’s nothing wrong with optimizing results if it’s within TOS (or in the grey zone).

January 31, 2008

The Ripoff Report’s business model

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There are two things you need to know about earning money on the internet: 1. Getting traffic and 2. Monetizing traffic.

You already know I like to study the eBay Pulsers’ unusual methods of getting traffic. They then monetize their Pulse traffic by selling ebooks (or candy canes, holey socks, etc…) and getting eBay affiliate payments. I don’t review their ebooks. What’s the point in that? The Pulsers already state upfront that they have no accountability for the results of their system. ebooks are just a means to monetize traffic and I respect that they found a profitable niche.

Now look at the Ripofff Report who is accused of keyword spamming on the blog: Like, heck yeah! That’s their entire business model.

What a coincidence, they sell ebooks too! It’s a small world.

The Ripoff Report is chock full of user generated spammy keywords which draw internet traffic. “Scam”, Scammed”, “ripoff”, “Jeff Paul”, “lawsuit”, etc… It’s a pretty effective traffic generating strategy:


I’ve had a good experience with the Ripoff Report. I’ll leave it up to the reader to find the actual Ripoff Report articles.

Two users wrote about their experience with Paramount Marketing Online. They said they were promised xyz results, later pressured for thousands of $$$ more by salespeople and finally they fought back using their credit card companies. These folks provided excellent information to my best friend’s father who was suckered into the deal with Paramount.

Of course, I don’t know for sure that the stories were from actual people and not planted by other companies.

Conclusion: It’s clear that the Ripoff Report is exactly like every other internet company. They get traffic and they make money from the traffic. The only higher power they have to answer to is Google. Google does not like keyword spammers and will take counter-measures against them. But Google has been pretty benevolent towards Ripoff Report so far.

January 24, 2008

Drew Peterson School of Marketing

Drew called into the Steve Dahl Chicago radio show yesterday. Yep, he’s been quiet for 5 weeks – time to fire up the ole Drew Peterson Marketing Machine.

First, let’s revisit the DP School of Marketing lessons from 2007:

  1. Kill wife #3
  2. Kill wife #4
  3. Launch popular website for financial gain

At the DP School of Marketing, we can’t rest on our past accomplishments alone.  No, we must look to the future and leave nothing to fate.  Write these steps down:

  1. Create an outrageous statement.
  2. Use radio and TV personalities for publicity.
  3. Launch popular website for financial gain. I see this one coming soon –

The dynamic Drewul called into the top Chicago radio morning show to proclaim Drew is ready to date. Joel Brodsky, attorney and oracle of missing persons theories, participated in yesterday’s on-air publicity stunt.

Like clockwork, Joel was featured on the Today show with Matt Lauer exactly 24 hours later (1/24). Paraphrasing the Today show ->

  • Matt: Stacy’s been missing for 3 months.  Is Drew ready to date?
  • Joel: He’s open to it since Stacy dumped him. He’s ready to move on.
  • Matt: How can you say that she left him?
  • Joel: She took $25K and she did what her mother did. She just left.
  • Matt: How could a 23 year old mother, housewife and most famous missing person in America pull off such a mastermind disappearing act? If she left with another man, why isn’t he missing too?
  • Joel: mumble, mumble, mumble….

Outrageous is as outrageous does. That’s our motto at the Drew Peterson School of Marketing.         

January 5, 2008

Jeff Paul Shortcuts to Internet Millions is on again

There were a lot of visits to my original Jeff Paul post today.  His infomercial Shortcuts to Internet Million$ is on CNBC today.  And just like everyone else, I can’t stop watching it!  They grab your attention.  

I read that Jeff Paul was a leading Direct Marketer in the 90’s.  Direct Marketing is when a salesperson calls you to offer you a “no risk” trial of a service or product.  The catch is that if you accept the offer, you have to do something to cancel after the trial period expires.  The sales people know their game well and can fast talk and confuse a person into accepting the offer.  

Shortcuts to Internet Million$ shows testimonials on how $135,000 a month of income changed their life.  This tactic directly addresses their targeted market segment’s hopes and dreams of a better life.  They target the naive, the financially illiterate, the gamblers, the poor and the desperate.  It’s like a lottery ticket except laws ensure that you know what the odds of winning  a lottery really are.  

Jeff Paul is very vague on the success rate of his program.  “Countless others” have achieved instant wealth without computer knowledge. They could work a little harder on their counting since it’s probably less than 10. Even the blog – Ramblings of a Dot Com Mogul – doesn’t make $135,000 a month. And John Chow has computer knowledge and, surprise, internet knowledge!

There are accounts of people signing up and then being pressured to buy more Jeff Paul products.  People talk about paying sums of $5,000 to $8,000. My friend, the one whose father bought the Paramount Marketing Group Online product in error, shared this insight:

A lot of people avoid confrontation. They would rather agree to buy something than to say “no” to a pushy sales person.

She’s right. And that’s what makes this a lucrative biz.

Here are some of the best articles about the Jeff Paul experience:

Also, you can avoid the high pressure sales tactics by buying the Jeff Paul books on eBay.

Jeff Paul book on eBay

December 26, 2007

How is a Get-Rich-Quick ripoff different from a scam?

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A friend’s father paid $7,000 to Paramount Marketing Group Online Inc. for a web page last week. And here is wonderful work of art:

Thanks to the following articles, he recovered his money through his credit card company.

A couple of identical requests from the top eBay Pulsers made me stop and think: What is a scam? First according to Wikipedia,

A Get-rich-quick scheme is a plan to acquire high rates of return for a small investment. Most such schemes promise that participants can obtain this high rate of return with little risk.

Most get-rich-quick schemes also promise that little skill, effort, or time is required. They often assert that wealth can be obtained by working at home.

This is the part I like, “Economic theory states that risk-free opportunities for profit are not stable, because they will quickly be exploited by arbitrageurs.”

This means that once you sell a get rich secret, the niche is gone because there are too many people exploiting it. The competition will take all of the profit out of the trick.

This means get rich secrets don’t have much value once they are sold.

Now on to the difference between a ripoff and a scam. I use Wikipedia because it’s a good concensus of generally accepted opinions:

A ripoff (or rip-off) is a bad deal. Usually it refers to an incident in which a person pays too much for something. A ripoff is distinguished from a scam in that a scam involves wrongdoing such as fraud; a ripoff, on the other hand, is in the eye of the beholder. A scam might involve, for instance, a scheme in which a person pays $20 for a startup kit related to stuffing envelopes for a living, but the kit never arrives; upon receiving the money, the recipient flees.

A ripoff, on the other hand, might be a business opportunity in which a person pays $375 for bulk vending machines worth $75. The fact that the advertised product actually arrives – even though it is worth far less than the purchase price – makes it a ripoff, not a scam.

If a product is delivered, it is not a scam. So I stand corrected. The word “scam” was removed from my posts. 😉 provides a community that can help you determine if other people have had bad experiences with an organization. They also provide recourse information so you can best assess how to get your money back.

December 15, 2007 website traffic stats – 2 million hits in 2 days?

The Defend Drew Peterson website,, was set up to get donations for Drew’s legal defense – Joel Brodsky. He has not yet been charged or named a suspect in his 3rd wife’s death or 4th wife’s disappearance. But the site was overwhelmed with 1/2 million hits in 4 or 5 hours. Perhaps they should distribute the traffic across several websites:

Drew Peterson website domain names,

Chicago radio personality Steve Dahl offered these improvements:

  • For a $10 donation to Drew, you will receive a commemorative bullet hole shaped magnet. – Stacy said Drew fired a shot in their home, Drew said she fired it from her Glock.
  • For $25, you get a “Come Back, Stacy” boomerang.

They shut down the site within 48 hours and released this:
“The Drew Peterson Legal Defense Fund has met its short term goal, so we are shutting down the web site. Peterson thanks the public for their generous response to his request for support. If additional support is needed in the future we may reestablish the web site.”

Alexa Traffic stats for show they peaked at #21,000 in worldwide website traffic rank. eBay is #20 for comparison. However, Alexa does a 3 day average on their stats. This pulls down 1 day spikes in traffic by 2/3. Accounting for this, I guestimate the site actually peaked around top #10,000 on Dec 12. Anything above #100,000 is pretty impressive, especially when the site is open for just 2 days. traffic stats

I did a rough calculation based on my own Alexa relative stats and actual quantitative Statcounter stats. I come up with 100,000 hits to on Dec. 12, not 1,000,000. Anyone else have any stats on this site’s traffic?

December 12, 2007

Drew Peterson turns to website to get $$$

Heard of Drew Peterson? He’s the 53 year old retired Bolingbrook, IL, police sargent who’s 23 year old wife, Stacy, went missing on Oct 28. Well, he lives close to me.

In fact, I live within 4 miles of two allegedly murdered women. Lisa Stebic was a Lunch Lady at my daughter’s elementary school. Lisa went missing on May 1, 2007.
Drew Peterson, Craig Stebic, Stacy Peterson, Lisa Stebic

Drew Peterson has been a laughable, self-centered suspect from the beginning. He’s entertained and appalled me with his American flag scarf over his face, multiple interviews on the Today show, interviews with Dr. Phil and now, on his own website. was set up by Drew Peterson and his attorney to help with defense costs.
defend drew peterson

Now, the website is either down or their server has been overwhelmed by traffic. They said they got over 1 million hits yesterday. It’s contents are pretty consistent with everything he’s said or done over the past month. One photo of Drew and Stacy and then 6 Paypal “Donate Now” buttons at the bottom with amounts from $5 to $250. If 0.1% of the alleged 2 million visitors to his website donated $5 each, then he would get $10K. I can’t see more than a fraction of a percent of the people donating anything.

Update: The lawyer closed the site after just 36 hours stating: 1. they “achieved what they wanted” and 2. it was a lightning bolt attracting too much attention. It’s a marketers dream! Too much traffic. Let’s write this recipe down: 1. kill 3rd wife, 2. kill 4th wife, 3. wear American flag scarf over face, … Launch hugely popular website! shows “closed”. No HTML, just the word closed. What’s really weird is that the site is hosted in Hong Kong. Who in the world hosts their site in Hong Kong, the land of expensive real estate?

December 1, 2007

Outstanding paper on how sellers manipulate eBay pulse to gain watchers – Kekoa64 update

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Recall my post on Kekoa64, the eBay seller of e-books on making $100 per hour. I could not figure out how they got 65K watchers on a Buy-It-Now.

This is one of the best, and most well-written papers, on eBay I have ever come across. It’s about how eBay sellers get watchers and manipulate the eBay pulse page.

There are diagrams of tactics and strategies worthy of an MBA course. I don’t recommend duping buyers with these techniques (unless you are a narcissistic, self-centered thug that could rob their mother and sleep well at night). Kudos to mystery person, The Puls8r, for enlightening us – whoever they are.

Here’s a couple of very interesting discussions on kekoa64 FBI scam alert and shartey’s blog.

Jeff Paul’s Shortcuts to Internet Millions – separating people from their money

Update – Saturday, May 9, 2009.
The only place to get deals AND AVOID THE SCAM on Jeff Paul’s products is on eBay. You will find people who paid full price for the items and are now selling the complete set of materials for $4.79 -$17.99. Click here to see the Jeff Paul eBay items. (This is my site – it’s safe and scam-free.)


Jeff Paul’s infomercial titled, “Shortcuts to Internet Millions”, was on CNBC this morning. If I act now, this service priced at just $39.95 will earn me up to $1,000,000. No computer knowledge required.

This reminds me of a secretary I used to work with who purchased 6 websites through a similar system for $2000. No lie, it’s true.

OK, so I used my “computer knowledge” to google Jeff Paul. “Scam” is a targeted Google adword for the search on Jeff Paul. This means that people searching for Jeff Paul in google are highly likely to click on the keyword “Scam”. The advertisers are trying to capitalize on Jeff Paul’s name by inferring that he is a scam but their service is not. This is an ugly business all around.

Jeff Paul googled

I know some internet millionaires. They spend years and years creating a valuable service and until it finally pays off. It’s just like any other business or endeavour. No shortcuts to be found.

However, if you would like to get Jeff Paul books and software, then buy it on eBay. You can find titles such as, “How To Make Money in your Underwear”, “Start a Mail Order Cash Flow Business Manual”, and “How to Make a Surgeon’s Income” for less than $20.

Jeff Paul book on eBay

You can also see other people’s experiences with Jeff Paul products at the Rip-Off Report.

While we’re on the subject of dipping into people’s savings, iSoldIt founder, Elise Wetzel, was highlighted in Kellogg’s 2005 magazine as an entrepreneurial success. We both went to Kellogg Graduate School of Business and I was very jealous that her business had a huge presence at the 2005 eBay Live and they were spending a ton of cash. I was watching every penny I spent.

Being an eBay market researcher, I researched the sales for their franchise stores and I saw monthly sales of $3K in the Southern states and up to $45K in California. I asked the people at the iSoldIt booth about the low sales and they did not have an answer – but their hype continued until 2006. They told their franchisees that they would set them up in a successful business overnight. Hah! The franchisee’s money instead went to iSoldIt management salaries. See the real eBay franchise story from

Have a nice weekend and keep your hard-earned money safe!

November 24, 2007

What is the deal with this seller? Clue me in

Kekoa64 is very strange. They have the most watchers – 64,000 watchers – of any listing on eBay.

Here’s what it is:
Make $100 per hour

kekoa64 sales statistics show they actually do sell $6K a month in “Make $100 per hour” guides.

Someone clue me in. What’s the deal with this listing?