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June 26, 2008

Another MakeTrackster

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I use the Firefox add-on called Load Time Analyzer. It tells me what my browser is loading and from where. For example, when you view a site like, the site calls two eBay MakeTrack URLs which forces you to become a watcher of their listings.

Which eBay seller is this MakeTrackster? Just visit the site and you will be watching their listings. Or you can just view the output of the Load Time Analyzer below:
onStateChange – 594ms: start, 1266ms: redirecting, 1282ms: stop
Waiting for…
onStatusChange – 703ms: status Waiting for…
onStateChange – 610ms: start, 1563ms: redirecting, 1563ms: stop
Waiting for…
onStatusChange – 1328ms: status Waiting for…
onStateChange – 610ms: start, 985ms: redirecting, 985ms: stop
Connecting to…
onStatusChange – 703ms: status Connecting to…
Waiting for…
onStatusChange – 735ms: status Waiting for…
onStateChange – 625ms: start, 1203ms: redirecting, 1203ms: stop
Waiting for…
onStatusChange – 1016ms: status Waiting for…

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