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January 24, 2008

How many watchers does it take to make the eBay Pulse?

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Zero, if you use a script. But seriously, how many watchers does it take to make the eBay Pulse?

The eBay Pulse has some filtering criteria other than just the number of watchers. The most watched items in a category are sometimes not shown. I don’t know why. imposes controls over their top photos of the day too.

Also, the number of listings shown on the Pulse varies from 0 to 10. This Pulse page for the Health & Beauty category shows no listings.
ebay Pulse Health & Beauty

However, the watcher data from the eBay API shows a different story.

eSeller Street Pulse

So, I’ll use eBay API watcher counts to show what it takes to be Pulse worthy.

Antiques: #1 most watched item has 162 watchers
Books: #1 has 90 watchers
Clothing, Shoes & Accessories: #1 has 164 watchers
Consumer Electronics: #1 has 270 watchers
Dolls & Bears: #1 has 206 watchers
Jewelry & Watches: #1 has 179 watchers
Musical Instruments: #1 has 184 watchers

Everything Else category: #1 -> 75,000 watchers and increasing by 1 watcher every 90 seconds.

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