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January 22, 2008

BigCrumbs now saves you more than FatWallet

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Vince at brought this to my attention. In my previous post comparing the two savings sites, the numbers I used for BigCrumbs must have been CrumbEarner rates, not CrumbSaver rates. CrumbSavers save more than users on 5 out of 6 randomly chosen online sites.

Here’s the apples to apples comparison – revised today 1/22:

    • BigCrumbs 7.2%
    • Fatwallet 6.6%
    • BigCrumbs 0.9 – 2.7%
    • FatWallet Not Offered
    • BigCrumbs 0.9%
    • FatWallet 3.0%
    • BigCrumbs 4.5%
    • FatWallet 3%
    • BigCrumbs 5.4%
    • FatWallet 2%
    • BigCrumbs 2.7 – 9.0%
    • FatWallet Not Offered

Of course the appeal of BigCrumbs is that you can sign up as a CrumbEarner to earn money on other people’s purchases. FatWallet has relationships with 553 online merchants, but notably, eBay is not one of them. offers savings at 227 merchants.

Speaking of e-consumerism, check out the workmanship on my new DeMarini Diablo softball glove.

Demarini Softball Glove

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