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January 4, 2008

The 2nd tier eBay Pulser

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Let’s look at the 2nd tier of eBay Pulser.   

This Candy Cane auction is weird. There are always multiple listings just like it on the top 20 most watched items on, just below Kekoa64, MysteryGiant and Josh Kulp. I haven’t figured out what’s going on yet. Maybe someone can comment on it.

candy cane bid

Weird thing #1: Lots of steady traffic and watchers even on Christmas Eve and Christmas Morning.
Candy Cane auction

Weird thing #2: Auction-promotion is the winning buyer. Auction-promotion concurrently ran the auction for a SLOBBERY TENNIS BALL that was also on the eBay Pulse with a peak of 602 watchers.  Schill bidder?

Weird thing #3: Auction-promotion uses the MakeTrack trick on their me page.  If you visit their me page, you will be watching their Dirty Deodorant Stick listing.

embed src="  

Weird thing #4: When you start Googling the links in the comments section of these 2nd tier eBay pulse list listings, you are lead to a zillion of these little sites that must be built from the same scripts –,,,, etc…   Some of these domains go back to 2001.

These are my questions:

How do they steadily accumulate watchers?  It’s very regular traffic for just the MakeTrack trick.  Are they using an automated script in addition to MakeTrack?  

Why are they doing this?  $200 for a candy cane is not enough.  It must be something more lucrative like selling scripts, ebooks, and/or eBay affiliate commissions.  

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  1. We will never share our little secret with you……… But if you do buy my e-book I will share with you why people do bid on this!

    Click here to learn our secret 🙂

    Comment by auction-promotion — January 20, 2008 @ 9:34 pm | Reply

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