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November 8, 2007

Squidoo update

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I joined Squidoo in January because Skip McGrath talked about it on his website.

They had some technical issues back then but their service is a lot smoother now. I would really hate to be a developer on a site that marketing machine Seth Godin was promoting. I’d be in fetal position on opening day because there would be over 1 million hits per hour. Well, maybe I would just make a really cute HTTP 500 internal server error icon. Yeah, that would be cool …

I got paid $10 this year and have another $2.74 in the reserve hopper. My trick in earning that much money in approximately 1 year is to keep adding eBay items that are 3-4 days old. I noticed that it takes about 1 to 2 days to get googled and then you get 2 days of hits and high lens rank. Then the hits and the lens rank dribble down.
Squidoo lens page

Squidoo royalties and payment page

The best thing about Squidoo is that they gave out really nice t-shirts at eBay Live! Thanks Seth for being a purple cow, orange t-shirt with lots of writing, one-eyed squid kind of guy!

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