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November 28, 2007

Too many Webkinz?

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Here’s your answer to, “What do I get them this year?”

road kill

Here’s the site:  

According to

The first to be launched is Twitch the Raccoon which comes complete with its own body bag to keep the maggots out, reports Metro.

Twitch also has an identity tag revealing it was “run over over by a milk float last Thursday, near the Hangar Lane Giratory system in London”.

A zip on each side of the toy allows the owner to remove Twitch’s innards and stuff them back in again. A tyre print runs across its back.

Creators, Compost Communications, style themselves ‘toy terrorists’ and according to their website: “We squash and burn and bludgeon and maim. But we’re also toy fanatics like you. We love toys.”

November 25, 2007

Big Crumbs part deux

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Tags: , , released their feature set 2. It includes some nice stats on referrals.

On 14 people in my first generation of referrals, I made $.36 in the past 12 months. I did a lot better than my referrals because only 2 recruited any other people.
Big Crumbs referrals

It’s a really a fun site to watch but I’m not going to get rich. It’s more productive to create my own content for affiliate links.

GoDaddy domain renewals – Renew after expiration for a 15% discount offers new .com domain registrations for $9.99. If you sign up for their emails, you can get new .com domains for $6.99 during special promotion periods.

If you already own several domains that you don’t really care too much about, then save money on the annual fee by waiting until the day after they expire to get 15% off.

These domains expired on Nov 23 and the discount price email from arrived on Nov. 25.

GoDaddy domain renewal

November 24, 2007

What is the deal with this seller? Clue me in

Kekoa64 is very strange. They have the most watchers – 64,000 watchers – of any listing on eBay.

Here’s what it is:
Make $100 per hour

kekoa64 sales statistics show they actually do sell $6K a month in “Make $100 per hour” guides.

Someone clue me in. What’s the deal with this listing?

More room for roombas – Fat Wallet 4% rebate

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I noticed that quite a few people are searching for Roombas lately. is a great site that offers you, the buyer, a 4% rebate on purchases at I’ve successfully used for years since they are a “local” company (Rockford, IL). Click on the image and give them a try.
Roombas at

top selling roombas

November 19, 2007

Fun with gallery pictures

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BHexpress top selling items

bhexpress should put a washer under the right hand side of their dress form stand. It leans.

November 14, 2007

Smiley Central

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I signed up for Smiley Central’s affiliate program last week. Smiley Central animals

They have a really cute idea with the custom smileys but you may not realize how they make their money. They own,,, and a lot more. The advertising is pretty obvious but did you know that when you search in their search bar, they get affiliate credit for directing traffic to other sites?

They have toolbars for your browsers and Microsoft Outlook. Just click on the smiley of choice and it’s in your email. smiley central
I accidentally enter my searches into their search box on my toolbar when I really mean to search using my Google toolbar.

They have a neat business. They manage to provide enough value to users that it’s worth the annoyance of having an extra toolbar in your browser and Outlook.

November 13, 2007

Roomba – the other vacuum cleaner

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I’m a Dyson fan. I’ll never get a Roomba because I love the power of my Dyson Animal. But the Roomba market on eBay is hard for me to ignore.

For example, based on October 2007 sales, the iRobot Roomba 530 has:
a sell through rate of 91%
an average end price of $233
a total monthly sales clip of over $31K

See the eBay sales stats.

Compare this to the iRobot Roomba 560:
a sell through rate of 66%
an average end price of $323
a total monthly sales clip of over $33K

These are great little markets. Any market with a success rate of over 60% is really good. I looked for big eBay sellers that specialize in the Roomba 530 market but I just found a few bronze level sellers, mybgis_1 and douglas33fl, who sell 3-6 a week.

Roomba 560, Roomba 550, iRobot Roomba, roomba on eBay

Overall, the roomba market is $219K per month.
roomba ebay research and sales statistics

I would definitely recommend picking up a few of these Roomba 530s at the special Thanksgiving sales and list them on eBay for the Black Monday shoppers. Buy at $170 or below to make a $50 profit. List it as a 3 day auction with a start price of $19.99, a BIN of $249 and charge $15 to $20 for shipping.

November 10, 2007 is Wowwee!

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Today’s woot on eBay:
4 Watchers
$5.50 2 bids
Ends in 6d 22h 17m
Wowwee Roboquad Interactive Robot

Woot! sells electronics to 20-26 year old men. Woot! sells 1 item per day until it runs out. What makes them great is that they have the most entertaining writing staff I’ve ever encountered.

They are a true ecommerce phenom!

November 9, 2007

First Reason – free coffee

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Two days left on this coupon for FREE COFFEE. I’ve already had 2 free sleighbell brews but I donated the money to their books for kids in need.
Border’s / Seattle’s Best coffee - Sleighbell Brew

November 8, 2007

Squidoo update

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I joined Squidoo in January because Skip McGrath talked about it on his website.

They had some technical issues back then but their service is a lot smoother now. I would really hate to be a developer on a site that marketing machine Seth Godin was promoting. I’d be in fetal position on opening day because there would be over 1 million hits per hour. Well, maybe I would just make a really cute HTTP 500 internal server error icon. Yeah, that would be cool …

I got paid $10 this year and have another $2.74 in the reserve hopper. My trick in earning that much money in approximately 1 year is to keep adding eBay items that are 3-4 days old. I noticed that it takes about 1 to 2 days to get googled and then you get 2 days of hits and high lens rank. Then the hits and the lens rank dribble down.
Squidoo lens page

Squidoo royalties and payment page

The best thing about Squidoo is that they gave out really nice t-shirts at eBay Live! Thanks Seth for being a purple cow, orange t-shirt with lots of writing, one-eyed squid kind of guy!

November 7, 2007 update

Last year, I wrote about joining the Big Crumbs rebate and referral program. Using is a good way to get money back on any eBay purchase.

But how about their referral program? No so good for me, although people on their forum claim to have thousands of referrals. I’m always a skeptic on what people claim when they know no one can verify the numbers.

I have 16 total referrals: 14 in my 1st generation and 2 in the second generation. You can get payout on up to 5 generations of referrals. referals update

This was one of my biggest BigCrumbs payouts. If you can’t read it the amount in this image, it’s about the cost of a Diet Pepsi.
Big Crumbs account statement - payout

It hasn’t been a very productive tool for me but I have to say the Big Crumbs website and service works perfectly. They deserve a “Nice Job” pat on the back for the service!

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