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January 21, 2007 – Visual search, high end apparel and a $100K URL

Filed under: Cool Ecomm sites — estreet @ 3:52 pm uses a visual search engine developed by It’s interesting that their first commercial application of visual search is an apparel and accessories shopping comparison site that shows matching results offered by etailers like Amazon, Raffaelo and SmartBargains. Raffaelo offers Italian designer products like Prada, Gucci and Fendi. You can find a few lower end brands like Tommy Hilfiger on, but not many. No eBay items are displayed despite Riya CEO Munjal Shah’s long history with eBay which began when he founded Andale, an auction management service.

Now for the search. I selected the latch on this bag and clicked “search on shape”. search on a cross shaped purse latch

These bags are results numbers 1 and 2. Very good!
Matching cross shaped purse latch results

These are results 3 and 4. Number 4 doesn’t match at all.

The Riya team fills in “null search results” with items from the same brand. I guess it has to be done. It’s better to see something than nothing. And it’s a wise business move to capitalize on null search results. By the way, , is operating solely on the null search results niche.

Munjal’s blog reports growing revenue due to affiliate payout despite shrinking Alexa-reported traffic. Is it enough to pay for the $100K pricetag on the “” URL? (shrug)

Like is likeable. I can’t wait to see the industry’s response.


January 9, 2007

Is Squidoo remarkable?

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I want Squidoo to succeed. I believe in their mission to empower users and give to charities.

But when see a harsh blog from Seth Godin that describes the qualities of being remarkable, I can’t help but comment. Here’s an excerpt from his “remarkable list”.

2. Remarkable doesn’t mean remarkable to you. It means remarkable to me. Am I going to make a remark about it? If not, then you’re average, and average is for losers.

3. Being noticed is not the same as being remarkable. Running down the street naked will get you noticed, but it won’t accomplish much. It’s easy to pull off a stunt, but not useful.

Unfortunately, I think Seth is pulling a Donald Trumpesque publicity stunt. Equally unfortunate, I’m foolish enough to take the bait.

So here is my unremarkable list on Seth’s Squidoo.

1) I can’t login.
2) I was given a new password by Squidoo support which broke within hours.
3) I click on the “reset password and email it to” but no email for two weeks now.
4) I can’t find my lens on “Tahari” when I search on “Tahari”.
5) There’s no community forum or known bugs list.

I’d forgive it all if they would just let me back on Squidoo! Maybe I’ve been blacklisted.

January 7, 2007 – A free selling site for eBay refugees

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I checked out today. What a beautifully simple site!

They are getting quite a few compliments from their users and their traffic is growing.

Take a look: