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December 3, 2006

BigCrumbs Empowers Consumers by Giving Back Cash

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Now everyone can get a piece of the annual $1B affiliate cash payout offered by online merchants like eBay. BigCrumbs is a superbly designed affiliate program and networking site that pays you cash even if you don’t shop online.

Many sites like Fat Wallet offer savings and cash back to buyers. But BigCrumbs does it better by rewarding buyers, sellers and the well connected.

How it works: Refer your friends to BigCrumbs and you will receive a cut of the affiliate payment for their purchases on any of the 100+ merchants’ sites. If you choose to be a CrumbEarner, you will get a cut of 5 generations of referrals.

eBay sellers can use the site by referring their buyers through links in email and on their “me page”. The buyer, seller and referring members share the eBay payment. On a $100 eBay purchase, the payout is $1.28 for an auction and $3 on a store listing.

Their website is a treat for visitors. One of the founders, Vince Martin, is on a mission to empower consumers to claim a piece of the pie, um… chocolate chip cookie. He has the patience of a teacher, communicating complex concepts with intelligence and respect. They seem like good folks doing good things for e-commerce. What a relief from the venture funded, sell, sell, sell corporate mentality!

BigCrumbs’ traffic is on the rise according to Alexa’s traffic rankings. Not surprising because the business model is so exciting that you want to immediately email all of your friends.

Check out BigCrumbs for yourself: BigCrumbs

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